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Konjac Sponge

Konjac sponges are an amazing product that can gently cleanse, exfoliate and massage all skin types.

The sponges are sustainably made from the vegetable fiber of the Konjac Potato or Konnyake plant, used by Asia cultures for over 1500 years.

Originally created for delicate baby skin, the konjac sponge is great for use with sensitive skin.

The material's superior water-holding properties cause the sponge surface to always be covered with water. This means the fiber barely makes direct contact with your skin, even if you scrub hard.

The konjac sponge is non-toxic and free of chemicals, coloring, addititives or other irritants. It is full of antioxidants and is 100% biodegradable so it can be composted.

Different color konjac sponges have different properties:

White - This is the original state of the konjac and is good for all skin types.
Black = This is produced by adding bamboo charcoal. It is best for oily skin due to its ability to remove and absorb excess oil.
Green = This is made by adding green clay to enhance sterilizing capability, and is good for normal to partially oily skin.

How To Use:

  1. Soak sponge in water until soft and rubbery in texture.
  2. Splash warm water on your skin.
  3. Apply only a small amount of cleanser to the flat side of sponge (it's going to really foam up). 
  4. Gently rub skin in circular motion. 
  5. Daily use is recommended. However, do what feels best for your skin.

Care of Konjac Sponge:

You can expect a sponge to last 2-3 months with proper care.

  1. After use, rinse the sponge in running water.
  2. Squeeze out excess moisture by hand. Never wring it because this can tear the sponge's fibers.
  3. Set aside to dry.
  4. To perform a deep cleaning and disinfect the sponge, boil it in water for 2 minutes. Only do this occasionally because it will break down the sponge.